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Advocacy, Laser Talks & Policy Technical Communication
By Lindsay K. Saunders, Director of Communications :::: This article is an excerpt of a full blog post, on my website, which also features a global poverty laser talk. Take a look if you want to learn about the Global Partnership for Education. Being an active citizen whether through community service or advocacy has always been a part of me. In fact, I'd say it’s in my DNA. Both my Grandfathers served in the military. Following his time in the Army, my maternal Grandfather was on the City Council; Board of Education — where he helped desegregate schools because “it just made sense;” and served as Mayor, in the Town of Suffolk, Va. I was proud to acknowledge and honor that service when he passed away in January. His daughter, my Mo
June 20, 2017 08:56 EDT
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Tools, Technology, and Learning to Get Along
By Vincent Reh, Chapter Member ::::I’ve been writing professionally on and off for more than 30 years, working various engineering and technical jobs between communication gigs. In terms of technological advancement, 30 years is a long time, a fact that becomes sorely evident when I recall writing college papers on a manual typewriter and the thrill of receiving a portable electric model during one particularly joyous Christmas. Graduating during tough economic times in the early 80s, I was fortunate to land a job designing and building microelectronics test fixtures for Motorola. Part of the job involved documenting my designs, which included writing user instructions for test lab colleagues. Fortunately, I’d always enjoyed writing and h
May 26, 2017 18:24 EDT
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Madcap Flare Workshop
Lisa Parys, Student Member & Education Director ::::This is the basic article template. It includes an image area for the author's picture. The Carolina STC MadCap Flare workshop was a unique experience. I attended the DITA workshops offered in the past, but had not yet had the opportunity to learn more about MadCap. As someone who is still hoping to transition from my current job as a pharmacy technician to a career in technical communication, I had been eagerly hoping to attend. I’m so glad it worked out because I knew that part of successfully procuring a job as a technical communicator requires knowing as many types of authoring tools as possible.Attending meant being skilled in another software product that companies look for on res
May 26, 2017 15:18 EDT
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New Blog Editor Sree Pattabiraman
By Christina Mayr, STC Carolina Chapter President:::: Sree has taken over as the Editor of Carolina Communique from Lindsay K Saunders for this year. Her background in communication, experiences in various leadership roles, and her multi-tasking skills will provide the Carolina Communique with unique advantages. She looks forward to taking up this new role and working with the community to help build a rewarding experience for the readers and subscribers of our blog. She has some great ideas to make it an interesting extension of the education services STC Carolina provides to all members. Sree currently works as a Senior Technical Writer at Extreme Networks and is an active volunteer with the STC Carolina Chapter. She received her Master
May 15, 2017 22:32 EDT
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