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Profile By Lindsay Saunders, Managing Editor and Secretary 1. Who are you and who is your organization? What does it do, represent, etc.? ::::I'm Emily Toone and I'm the founder and owner of TPS, Inc. TPS is a Raleigh-based staffing agency (although we have employees and customers nation-wide) that focuses solely on content. We employ writers, editors, graphic designers, instructional designers, and project managers. I'm exceptionally proud of the reputation that TPS has in the tech comm community. What do I personally enjoy the most about TPS? I love how we provide advocacy to both our customers and our employees. 2. How did you come to build a relationship with STC? I was a member of STC before I founded TPS. Once I had my company it s... Read More

We had two very different and entertaining social events in August and September. Thankfully, we have Emily Toone, to tell the tale of game night at her house, and Ben Davidson, who may have finally learned to speak baseball, sharing their experiences at these socials. August Social Recap By Emily Toone With Scrabble dictionaries in hand, they came ready to rumble. Tech comm trash talk filled the air (as well as the great smell of Em’s homemade chili). Just who were the Rumblers at the Carolina Chapter’s 1st annual Game Night? Bryce “Ace” Arghiere Ben “I want my own plate of cookies” Davidson Christina “Read ‘em and Weep” Mayr Stuart “Triple Word Score” Allen Robert “Italy-bound” Perry Cathy “Toxicology” Sprankle Ted “Silent but Deadly” ... Read More

By Catherine Sprankle, Chapter Member ::::Suzanne Mescan, Director of Marketing at Vasont Systems, gave a presentation at the August STC Carolina Chapter meeting on “How a Component Content Management System Can Save Your Sanity.” Her presentation covered what a component content management system or CCMS is, how it works, and how a company’s implementing one can benefit the technical writer. A large company might have dozens of different products, each having documentation describing operations that might be similar across many products. These descriptions all need to be consistent with one another and use voice and vocabulary consistent with the company’s style. Suzanne began her talk by describing the difficulties that might be encount... Read More

By Bryce Arghiere, Chapter Member Carolina Chapter webmaster and STC Associate Fellow Rick Sapir kindly agreed to spend time on June 18th answering my questions about technical communication, website content management, and online help. Rick has published two guide books on Tiki Wiki Content Management Systems (CMS) and is an active Carolina Chapter member. He has leveraged his experience with Tiki to enhance and launch several websites and mobile apps for the Carolina Chapter. Most recently, he led the way as a developer and administrator for the Carolina Chapter’s Triangle Employment Network and Triangle Mentoring Database. Both sites are Tiki-based, so check them out for examples of how one looks and functions. Question: Could you tal... Read More

By Rick Sapir, STC Associate Fellow and STC Carolina webmaster ::::To borrow a line from Britney Spears (or Ray Charles, if you prefer)... we did it again! The Carolina Communiqué, our online, wiki-based, publication, has been awarded an APEX Award of Excellence (for the eighth straight year... not that we're counting!). The APEX (Awards for Publication Excellence) award is an annual competition for publishers, editors, writers and designers who create print, Web, electronic and social media. Not only do we continue to publish top-quality articles for the technical communication world, the Communique continues to be a technological leader, too! We remain the only STC publication that regularly produces an Ebook (in EPUB and MOBI formats)... Read More

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