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By Lisa Parys, STC Carolina Student Member ::::The first moment I read about technical writing, I was hooked. I remember thinking, "I could do that!" It sounded like the perfect career choice. When reading technical manuals and other documents I often thought about how to make the instructions more digestible. Other times I marvelled about how easy the writer made it for me to follow the instructions. Ever since then, I have been trying to get myself there. Technical writing will give me the chance to finally make a good salary from my writing. I would no longer need to struggle just to have the privilege of doing something that I enjoy — creating. I'd love to be able to make someone's life easier, even if just for one day. If reade... Read More

By Jonah Schwartz, STC Carolina Student Member If you’re considering becoming a member of STC and are unsure if it’s worth your investment, lend me your ear, because I’d like to tell you about the benefit it’s given me and what I’ve achieved so far. I was once ambivalent about joining, but I wish I had pulled the trigger sooner. For just $75 (annual student membership), the price of a 55-gallon drum of coffee, within one semester, I have already gained many skills, experiences and built relationships I would not have otherwise. I returned to school to study Technical and Professional Communication at ECU after ten years of working in retail. This move assisted me in fulfilling a dream of entering the technical communication field. I’m doi... Read More

By Sheila Loring, Associate Fellow ::::I cannot imagine my life without the STC Carolina chapter. Yes, I'm given to hyperbole, but this is not an exaggeration. From newsletter editor to president, chapter volunteer opportunities have given me the chance to meet many smart, kind, passionate technical communicators whom I otherwise wouldn't have met. Their enthusiasm for the profession is inspiring. To read more about my journey, visit What I've Learned as a Member of the STC. Why not stay home and read tech comm blogs and participate in Twitter conversations? Those learning and networking opportunities are poor replacements for chapter activity. Volunteer for the chapter and meet fellow writers. Interpersonal interaction is more memorable ... Read More

Meeting Recap What: DITA 1.3: What's new and notable for technical communicators When: April 14, 2016:::: By Lisa Logan, Chapter Member Kris Eberlein, chair of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee, presented changes in the new DITA 1.3 at STC Carolina’s Chapter meeting on April 14. Kris and her team are the creators of the new specifications, and Kristen started the meeting describing this complex process. Kris’ career in structured authoring dates back to the beginnings of DITA at IBM. She is a popular DITA consultant who is heavily sought-after by many companies and information architects as a coach and developer of specializations, constraints, and DITA OT plug-ins. She is a regular presenter at DITA, XML, and technical communication con... Read More

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