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By Christina Mayr, Chapter President:::: Your STC Chapter is at a crossroads, and I need your help to keep us on the successful path. In 2015 we were honored with the Community of the Year Award for providing outstanding value to our members. While it is amazing to be recognized as the pacesetter for the STC, it is sad to think that only 10% of the Chapter is sustaining the other 90%. There’s only a few of us who plan, promote, and volunteer at events. Because of this, the outlook for our Chapter over the next few years is sadly--uncertain. To do my part in continuing our Chapter’s longevity, I wanted to focus on increasing our student membership, and I am happy to see that our efforts have paid off with 20 new student members in 2015. If... Read More

Once again, the Carolina Chapter is proud to offer this collection of candidate statements for the STC Election. The 2016 Election will be conducted February 29 - March 9. Please visit the official STC election website (http://stc.org/election) for full details. Candidate Statements Vice President (one position to be elected) Alyssa Fox Rhonda Truitt Secretary (one position to be elected) Jackie Damrau Kirsty Taylor Director (two positions to be elected) Alisa Bonsignore Todd DeLuca Rajdeep Gupta Liz Herman Robert Perry Nominating Committee (two positions to be elected) Rick Lippincott Lori Meyer Elizabeth O'Neill Becky Todd Ebook In addition, we've made all the candidate statements available as an Ebook (in EPUB and MOBI formats), ... Read More

By Ryan Seymour, NCSU Student Anyone looking to break into technical writing may find themselves caught in the paradox of being unable to get experience without a job or get a job without experience. Sure, you can string a sentence together, but that isn’t always enough. Can you tell XML from HTML or CSS from CMS or CCMS? How does an aspiring technical writer learn to use the tools of the trade? I found myself in this predicament almost a year ago and knew I needed to do something to put more tools in my tool belt. I initially planned to work towards a professional writing certificate at NCSU but ultimately decided to pursue their MS in Technical Communication degree after discussing both programs with an NCSU professor. I had not been i... Read More

By Rachel Amity, NCSU Student ::::Technical writer, information developer, knowledge manager, information architect, documentation specialist, technical editor… With so many different titles, it’s no wonder so few people know what technical communicators actually do. In my second year of the Master’s of Science in Technical Communication program at North Carolina State University, I’ll admit that I still struggle to define our work, and find that I’m not alone. A favorite pastime of my classmates and mine is to swap stories about trying to explain our work to family and friends, who most often look at us quizzically and say something akin to, “So, you write instructions?” This description isn’t exactly wrong, but it isn’t exactly right, e... Read More

Profile By Lindsay Saunders, Managing Editor and Secretary 1. Who are you and who is your organization? What does it do, represent, etc.? ::::I'm Emily Toone and I'm the founder and owner of TPS, Inc. TPS is a Raleigh-based staffing agency (although we have employees and customers nation-wide) that focuses solely on content. We employ writers, editors, graphic designers, instructional designers, and project managers. I'm exceptionally proud of the reputation that TPS has in the tech comm community. What do I personally enjoy the most about TPS? I love how we provide advocacy to both our customers and our employees. 2. How did you come to build a relationship with STC? I was a member of STC before I founded TPS. Once I had my company it s... Read More

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