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January Event: TechComm and Content Strategy
January Event: Making Your Content A Company Asset By Sree Pattabiraman, Communications Director :::: Physical assets have a long life, and their value depreciates over time. Does content meet that definition? Some does not; tweets are usually relevant for hours, or maybe days. Other content, like maintenance manuals or product descriptions, might remain relevant for years after being created. At its best, technical communication provides an asset that allows the user to effectively make use of your product. Content strategy can make your content asset in a variety of ways. If you can deliver your content in multiple formats, it will hold more value than if it is locked into a single format, or you can use metadata to improve the
January 15, 2018 18:13 EST
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STC Webinar: Is Content Strategy the Future of Work in Technical Communication?
STC Webinar: Is Content Strategy the Future of Work in Technical Communication? By Sree Pattabiraman, Chapter Member :::: Content strategy is fast becoming one of the key methods by which communication experts can help deliver useful information to a variety of audiences. But how do technical communicators enter into this mix? After all, we are often responsible for delivering essential content to internal and external audiences. We help people get work done and translate difficult concepts into plain language. We are excellent writers and editors. And with content management systems, online help documentation, and other forms of consumer-centered communication becoming key factors in customer retention, does the future technical com
January 14, 2018 20:04 EST
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Stay with Us in 2018! Renew Your STC & Carolina Chapter Membership Today
Stay with Us in 2018! Renew Your STC & Carolina Chapter Membership Today! By Sree Pattabiraman, Communicators Director, STC Carolina Chapter :::: Thank you to all our valuable members for making 2017 a great year! We hope to serve you better with more exciting events and workshops for 2018. 2017 memberships have expired and it is now time to renew your member for 2018. Our STC chapter continues to provide customized and one of a kind Technical Communication events to the Triangle TechComm community. Here is a round of up what we did in 2017 and how we are moving forward into 2018 and how you can benefit by being a STC Carolina Chapter member: We are offering a great variety of monthly events with excellent and experienced speakers
January 07, 2018 18:38 EST
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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Judge the STC Competition
By Catherine Sprankle, Chapter Member, Treasurer, STC Carolina Chapter :::: One of the most important events in STC Carolina Chapter’s year is our competition. Technical communicators from SAS, RTI, and other companies submit their documents for judging by their tech comm peers. This year’s competition is coming up and we need you to join in the judging! The combination of learning, camaraderie, and service adds up to a unique experience that you’ll want to do every year! “No, not me, I’m not qualified to do that!” you might be thinking. But you are! Here’s why it’s worth your while to spend a few hours next month as a competition judge: Get a great networking opportunity: As a judge, you’ll spend a few hours the morning of Satur
October 26, 2017 14:04 EDT
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