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DITA Workshop 2016 Recap
Our scholarship winners share their experiences with the DITA Workshop held October 2016 Recapping the Basic Workshop - Kelly McMillan ::::A career change is a major hurdle - new skills are hard to come by if they don’t translate from your previous field. Which was why, after leaving medicine to pursue writing, I was excited for the opportunity to attend the STC-Carolina Beginner’s DITA Workshop. I had not encountered DITA in my medical career, but it was a skill that I came across during the job search. My knowledge of XML formatting was limited to blogging with CSS, and I wasn’t prepared to spend $1,000+ for a training course that might go over my head. I was happy to find that I had no problem keeping pace with the STC course. L
December 02, 2016 14:38 EST
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Meeting Recap: Community Networking, Surviving a Layoff, & Job Searching
Meeting Recap What: Community Networking, Surviving a Layoff & Job Searching When: October 20, 2016:::: By Scott Walker, Chapter Member Our most recent meeting was on Community Networking, Surviving a Layoff, and Job Searching. The featured speaker was STC Carolina’s Director of Communications, Lindsay Saunders, who is also a content specialist, content strategist, SEO copywriter, and technical writer and editor. Lindsay shared her experiences with finding herself unexpectedly between jobs and her successful strategies for networking, job searching, and landing the next fulfilling (and paying) job. Her presentation interwove concrete examples of strategies with personal anecdotes that illustrated her points. Lindsay’s presentation compris
November 01, 2016 11:20 EDT
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When Worlds Collide
By S.E.M. Ishida :::: Technical communication and fiction may seem like total opposites on the writing spectrum. However, as both a technical communicator and children’s book author, I’ve come to see that these two kinds of writing have more in common than one might think. If you're a technical communicator itching to break into fiction, take heart that technical communication can help you write stories in the following ways: Detach yourself from your writing. Some authors think of their novels like their babies. But what happens when your publisher asks you to remove your metaphorical baby’s arm and replace it with something different? Technical communication prepares you for writing with a cool detachment from your topic and your words.
October 24, 2016 21:31 EDT
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By Catherine Sprankle, Chapter Member ::::If you’re a “certain age” you may remember when Baskin Robbins advertised its 31 flavors of ice cream: a different one for every day of the month. Sometimes it seems like there are almost that many different “flavors” of editing. But agreeing on whether a “copy edit” or “content edit” is required for a project is a lot more complicated than deciding between chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and the meanings of the names for various levels of editing are less universally understood. In her webinar on “The Basics of Editing and Proofreading” presented to STC earlier this year, Ruth Thaler-Carter presented a wealth of advice for people who edit documents as part of their jobs or are seeking to become f
September 12, 2016 16:30 EDT
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