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The App World: Are We Too Reliant on Technology?
By Laura Dragonette, Communications Manager The field of techcomm is always finding new and more efficient methods of working and relaying information. As a result, we've essentially revolutionized the processes by which people perform even the most mundane tasks. There's an app for everything now--you can board a plane without printing a ticket, access website content geared specifically for your device, control just about every electronic in your home remotely, and even talk into your phone t... Read More
July 26, 2014
5.71 Kb Blog
Highlights from the 2014 STC Tech Comm Summit
By Robert Perry, Chapter President I recently attended the 2014 STC Technical Communication Summit in Phoenix, AZ. There were over 80 educational sessions organized in tracks such as mobile content design, content strategy, professional development, and user experience. As usual, the conference was brimming with sessions concerning the latest tools, methodologies, and techniques. As most of my products are preparing to release in HTML5 on mobile devices, I was drawn to sessions that touted res... Read More
July 22, 2014
6.36 Kb Blog
Top 5 Meeting Places for Technical Writers
By Lindsay K. Saunders, Chapter Member Technical writers in the Triangle are really fortunate to have a good variety of places to meet for discussion, networking, or work sessions. Here are my top five meeting places for tech writers in Raleigh. 1. Mosaic Wine Lounge - Downtown Raleigh Mosaic Wine Lounge creates live art in a multicultural atmosphere, offering good music and DJs from all over, wonderful wines, and fantastic foods on Wednesdays. You might wonder why Mosaic lands at the top of ... Read More
July 19, 2014
7.68 Kb Blog
How Not to Be a Wallflower
By Ben Davidson, Chapter Member ::::For those of us in the field of technical writing who didn't come at this from a computer science background (raise your hand if you’re an English major), we’re often introduced to unfamiliar technologies and terminology at the start of a project. It’s understandable then that we'd want to keep quiet and stay on the sidelines until we better understand what the developers are discussing. I’d like to suggest that doing so will lengthen the ramp-up time, and t... Read More
July 14, 2014
3.40 Kb Blog
Letter to a Young Writer
By Sheila Loring, Immediate Past President With the influx of summer interns, I've been considering the best way to train a budding technical writer. What essential principles must a new writer grasp to be successful? And how can I provide a valuable learning experience while getting my own work done? The Carolina Communique first came to mind. Some of the best writers and editors in our field have been providing sage advice for over a decade. Search the archives and you'll see. This article ... Read More
July 14, 2014
3.18 Kb Blog

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