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Meeting Recap What: DITA 1.3: What's new and notable for technical communicators When: April 14, 2016:::: By Lisa Logan, Chapter Member Kris Eberlein, chair of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee, presented changes in the new DITA 1.3 at STC Carolina’s Chapter meeting on April 14. Kris and her team are the creators of the new specifications, and Kristen started the meeting describing this complex process. Kris’ career in structured authoring dates back to the beginnings of DITA at IBM. She is a popular DITA consultant who is heavily sought-after by many companies and information architects as a coach and developer of specializations, constraints, and DITA OT plug-ins. She is a regular presenter at DITA, XML, and technical communication con... Read More

By Lindsay K. Saunders, Newsletter Editor & Secretary Looking for a Way to Get More Involved? ::::It’s that time again. We need some fresh faces to be leaders on the Administrative Council of the Society for Technical Communications Carolina Chapter. What draws you to STC? We can see you already value it because you’re coming to our monthly presentations, checking out those socials, tuning in for the wonderful webinars, and attending our workshops. We’d love it if you could take that enthusiasm for our organization and the technical communication industry to the next step and take a seat on the Board, also known as the Administrative Council. Benefits of Being a Leader If you're wondering what being a leader will do for you, here's just... Read More

By Lindsay K. Saunders, Secretary and Newsletter Editor Our upcoming joint social with Triangle AMA is only a week away! STC prides itself on not only staying up to date with what's going on in the tech comm industry, but also the value of learning from the industries we are connected to. We are excited about our next collaboration with the terrific organization, Triangle AMA. Join other STC members and folks in Triangle AMA on Thursday, March 24 from 6:00 - 8:00PM at Crank Arm Brewery. This is a good opportunity to talk about communication strategies with fellow tech writers and with communication specialists who work in the marketing industry. We'll be ordering pizza, and $5 that evening gets you all you can eat. More about Crank Arm, ... Read More

Interview By Lindsay K. Saunders, Secretary and Newsletter Editor ::::Who are you and what is your connection to STC? I’m Larry Kunz. I’ve been a practicing technical writer in the Raleigh-Durham area since 1983, and I’ve been a member of the Carolina chapter the entire time. I’ve served in various leadership positions within the chapter and at the Society level, including having served as a member of the STC board of directors. How did you come to build a relationship with STC? I actually responded to one of those calls for volunteers in the chapter: I think my first volunteer role was as P.R. coordinator. Then, as happens with so many relationships, one thing led to another: newsletter editor, vice president, president…. Be careful: thi... Read More

By Lisa Logan, STC Carolina Chapter Member ::::If you’ve been looking for a job lately, you’ve probably noticed many employers are requiring experience in DITA and topic-based authoring. Being a technical writer without knowledge of DITA is like being a wallflower at the dance. Don’t wilt on the sidelines and watch your colleagues pass you in the fast lane to higher paying jobs. You can probably bet that in most of the job interviews you go on, DITA will be part of the conversation. It’s a good idea to get a working knowledge of DITA and DITA-aware authoring tools like oXygen. Last year, I attended the first DITA workshop put on by STC Carolina, and I’m glad I did. I came away from the workshop with enough know-how to answer questions in ... Read More

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