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Robert Perry Takes Helm at STC Carolina Chapter
By Bill Albing, Past President STC Carolina Robert Perry is off and running as the new chapter president of the Carolina Chapter of STC (Society for Technical Communication). I first caught up with him, after not having seen him for the past few years, at the Mez restaurant in Durham, despite the torrential rain that evening. He is always in motion, as evidenced by his blurry appearance in the photos in this post. He talked with those of us who braved the elements (and miraculously found parkin... Read More
August 31, 2014
2.27 Kb Blog
New Challenge: Learning DITA. “I DITA know that!”
By Lisa Logan, Chapter Member Editor's note: Watch for the chapter's DITA workshop, scheduled for October 18th, 2014. Subscribe to the chapter mailing list for details. Okay, I know that title is corny. But I think a little silliness is needed when you cover a complicated subject. At least right now, DITA is a huge challenge for me, and I’m sure it is for others. Tech writing has evolved into something quite different from what it was ten years ago when I first contemplated entering the fie... Read More
August 19, 2014
4.14 Kb Blog
What I Learned When Starting My Own Business
Andrea J. Wenger, STC Associate Fellow I recently started an editing business. In the process, I discovered there’s more to it than I originally expected. Here are just some of the things I had to consider. Sole proprietorship or LLC (limited liability corporation): Choosing whether to incorporate a business has financial and legal implications. Accountants and lawyers may differ in their opinions on the subject. Right now, I’m acting as a sole proprietorship, but that may change in the future... Read More
August 07, 2014
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