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By Ben Davidson, Chapter Member In no order of importance, here are some tips for taking screenshots. Hopefully a few of these tips are new to you and prove useful. If you have tips of your own to add, feel free to share them in the comments section. Trying to take a screenshot of field that exceeds the vertical resolution of your monitor? Instead of mucking around in Photoshop trying to blend two different screenshots, switch the orientation on your monitor to Portrait* (which nearly doubles the available resolution on a 1920x1080 monitor). If necessary, bump the browser view size down to 80 or 90% to fit just a bit more content in. However, there's a good chance that breaking up the screenshot into smaller portions (say into fewer rows, ... Read More

By Robert Perry, Chapter President STC Carolina is an exemplary community because of our exemplary volunteers. Volunteers are the heart of our society and especially of our chapter. We are always seeking volunteers to help with chapter activities and events. There’s no shortage of volunteer opportunities, which often translate into new skills and networking. Getting to know other technical communicators in the area can enrich your personal life and career. Being active in the chapter is one of the best and easiest ways to meet other technical communicators, even if you only devote only a few hours a month to the activity. Though some volunteers enjoy and have time for face-to-face contact, they often volunteer from home. Our membership m... Read More

By David Dilts, Chapter Member ::::Can you think of a mentor who has helped you in your professional career? Can you remember the suggestions they shared with you and how much it helped in your job? Most of us can remember several key individuals who helped guide us in our job requirements and career aspirations. We fondly remember the patient co-worker showing us how to better understand a software application, or a peer in our department explaining how to manage a documentation project, an engineer offering technical training so we understood our company’s products better, and so on. Have you ever considered being a mentor? If so, there are many opportunities through the STC Carolina Chapter where you can share the wisdom and knowledge ... Read More

By Betsy Kent, Associate Fellow Many of us who attended the STC Carolina DITA Workshop on October 18th, 2014, have been using DITA. We wanted a refresher course — reminders of best practices and how to work more effectively in DITA. Others wanted to learn new tools and techniques to improve their chances of landing a job. A key advantage to the workshop is that it included a 90-day evaluation license for oXygen XML Editor so we can continue to practice and experiment on our own. The STC Carolina DITA workshop more than exceeded my high expectations! Larry Kunz designed the workshop to get the participants up and running with a sound grasp on what DITA is and why we should care. Larry ably kept us busy learning all day, with discussions an... Read More

By Lisa Logan, Chapter Member Editor's note: Read Lisa's other DITA articles at New Challenge: Learning DITA and A-Tisket A-Tasket: Task Topics in DITA. ::::Three months ago, I embarked on a journey to learn the basics of DITA. Here’s another log entry of my continuing DITA adventures. In my last post, we covered the task topic. This article will describe concept and reference topics, completing our discussion of the three DITA topic types: task, concept, and reference. Concept topics What do concept topics do? They support task topics in that they give the user additional information that he or she needs to know before starting a task or in order to help them complete the task. You can find a great description of this in the book DIT... Read More

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