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High Tech Marketing and Self-Promotion
1996, May (October 10, 2008)

Atlanta STC Sponsors Seminars By High Tech Marketing Communications Guru, Janice King

by Lisa Rubilar

Someone out there has fun writing those brochures and newsletter articles with catchy leads and headlines. Someone out there has abandoned that long commute and nine-to-five job in favor of independence. If you wish that someone were you, plan to attend two seminars sponsored by the Atlanta chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) this June. Janice King, a highly successful, independent marketing writer who specializes in high technology, will present the seminar “Breaking into High-Tech Marketing Communication” on June 21 at Mercer University in Atlanta. On June 22, she will present a second seminar, “Marketing Mastery for Independent Communicators” at the same location.

Expanding Creativity

For writers who want freedom from the necessary strictures of writing user manuals, moving into marketing communications may be the answer. “Marketing communications both requires and allows a higher level of creativity and diversity in writing skills and techniques,” King says. “One of the pleasures and challenges of this kind of work is that you must gain a broader perspective than is usually required for documentation.”

King’s June 21 seminar will help you make the transition from writing technical documentation to writing marketing materials. She will share her insights on the skills a marketing writer needs, how to develop those skills, and where to find opportunities in this expanding field.

Taking the Fear Out of Self-Marketing

If you love the flexibility and independence of selfemployment, but “hate the selling part,” you have plenty of company. But Janice King insists that “selling doesn’t need to be onerous.” In her June 22 seminar she will explain how you can become comfortable promoting yourself, and how to reap the financial rewards of doing so effectively.

You’ll learn how to develop a clear message about the benefits you offer potential clients; how to create and follow a promotional plan; and what kinds of promotional materials work.

About the Seminar Leader

Janice King, who is based in Bellevue, Washington, literally wrote the book on marketing writing for the high tech industry. Writing High-Tech Copy that Sells (Wiley 1995) was the first book to address the unique challenges that face writers of marketing and publicity materials for high technology products. An independent marketing writer since 1989, King serves leading telecommunications, networking, and software clients across the U.S. She founded STC’s Marketing Communication Professional Interest Committee, and has presented programs at the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) National conference, the High Tech Direct Conference, and the Washington Software Association. End of article.

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