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Giving and Getting Back
2006, Q4 (February 01, 2007)
By Meredith Kinder, Managing Editor, Carolina Communiqué

Meredith Kinder
Meredith Kinder

At this time of year, we tend to open our hearts, wallets, and schedules to help charitable organizations and those in need. We give in order to help others, and also because it also makes us feel good.

In their book, Healthy Pleasures, psychologist Robert Ornstein and physician David Sobel describe what they call the “helper’s high,” a kind of euphoria volunteers get when helping others. They compare it to a runner’s high and claim it is caused by the body’s release of endorphins.

Similar to any good Samaritan acts in which I’ve taken part, I find a personal reward in volunteering for STC tasks and events. Rather than helping others meet their basic needs, our pool of volunteers help others meet professional needs. By volunteering my time and talents, I’ve found that I achieve a version of the “helper’s high” with STC, yet I am rewarded with more than just a feeling. I make contacts, learn about technical communication, and further my own education.

In the spirit of giving during this holiday season, I urge you to remember that in all aspects of life, getting back is always an unexpected treat when you give as much as you can.

I hope that this edition of Carolina Communiqué gives you ideas and information that meet some of your professional needs. Included are articles that touch on a variety of issues: not all of us need the same type of information in our careers. To offer as much as possible, topics cover:
  • Personal development
    • Keeping up and keeping in touch with many aspects of your life
    • Listening skills
    • Overview of current technical communication job hotspots
  • Technology
    • The four stages of evolution of the Web
    • Google tools
    • Wikis
    • Future direction of our civilization as a whole
  • STC and Technical Communication
    • Concise writing and editing for conciseness
    • An update on the NC State University STC student chapter
  • Society news

My resolution for the new year is to continue giving to STC and to continue to meet your needs with information in this newsletter. Please let me know if there
are any topics or types of information you’d like to see covered in 2007.

Let’s keep giving in 2007, and see just how much we get back!

Meredith can be reached at Meredith dot Kinder at sas dot com End of article.

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