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Getting Where You Want to Go
1996, February (June 18, 2008)
By Chris Tilley

For those who chose not to brave the ice storm (which didn’t happen until later) or who just assumed we would cancel because of the weather, you missed quite a meeting on January 11 at the EPA in RTP. Mary Wise, Director-Sponsor of our region, presented a fantastic program on Getting Where You Want to Go: From Goals to Plans to Accomplishments.

Mary began by answering a question we all had: What does a director-sponsor do? She told us about her involvement with a regional conference, her experience with the STC Board of Directors, and her responsibility for keeping up with all the chapters in her region, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and even Israel! (Yes, the Israeli chapter is back and publishing newsletters again!) She told us how she ended up being a director-sponsor by summarizing her 15-year involvement in the STC, the responsibilities she volunteered for, and her journey toward her election as Region 2 Director-Sponsor. But that was just the introduction.

As the plug for the program promised, there were no magic answers. I certainly expected none. I’m sure that we have all seen the material, quotes, examples, and practical advice she gave us. But since discipline, goals, fear, determination, and discouragement are things I struggle with, it was good to be reminded and encouraged. It was refreshing to hear that I needn’t give up when I feel stuck. Instead, I should just reevaluate my goals to see if they were realistic. I left the program feeling very hopeful.

But I walked away with just as much from Mary as I did from her program. Her relaxed, conversational style set me at ease with the intimidating issue of setting goals. (Maybe that’s why some of you really didn’t come.) The relaxed atmosphere encouraged much discussion.

It was heartening to meet the devoted, involved, informed, and very engaging Director-Sponsor. I felt a great deal of confidence in the woman who leads our Chapter on the national level. I feel better about the organization itself knowing what goes on outside our Chapter.

For those of you who missed the program and Mary, she has promised to return in the Fall for an encore, hopefully under better weather conditions. When you see it announced in the newsletter, take the opportunity to meet our Director-Sponsor and find out what a great job she does. End of article.

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