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From the Editor
1996, February (June 18, 2008)

Its time to for you to decide: improvement or stagnancy

By Michael Andrew Uhl

STC elections are coming soon. This year’s elections provide a rare opportunity for the Carolina Chapter. At the international level, Larry Kunz is on the ballot for second vice president. This is a very big deal: the second vice president automatically proceeds through three other offices in the three subsequent years: first vice president, president, and immediate past president. If Larry wins the second vice president job, he’ll have a lock on an STC leadership position for four years. Our chapter will instantly gain higher visibility and more immediate access to the top of the STC leadership.

Larry Kunz is a member of the Carolina Chapter. He has served in a variety of leadership positions, including chapter president and director-sponsor for our chapter’s STC region. Larry is a senior staff member at IBM in Research Triangle Park.

We can use Larry’s ascendancy as a catalyst to grow the chapter into one of STC’s best and biggest. As I survey STC’s other chapters, especially those in other high technology areas of the country, I see that we have a lot of potential for growth and improvement. Right now, we have one of the best groups of leaders the chapter has ever had. We can leap forward in the next few years, providing members with: better training and professional improvement opportunities; more and better recognition programs; increased pro bono work in the service of our communities; closer links with academia; cooperative activities with local industry; and, most importantly I think, an esprit de corps that makes STC membership genuinely enjoyable, not merely functional.

One of the keys to a successful chapter is matching the right people with the chapter leadership positions they enjoy most and are best able to do. We need your help in trying to do this. In this month’s Communique you’ll find a nomination form. Please take a few minutes to fill it out and mail or fax it to Donna Zimmer. As you read it, think about colleagues you know that would enjoy and benefit from a particular chapter job. Donna will compile the nominations and members will receive ballots probably in April or May.

Your chapter leaders need to know you’re listening; or, if you can’t hear, what changes we need to make so you can hear. Apathy on your part means the chapter receives no feedback from it members. A lack of feedback greatly reduces the chance for self improvement on our part and steals much of the enjoyment from volunteering.

When your international STC ballot comes, read it; fill it out—vote for Larry Kunz; and mail it. When your chapter ballot arrives, read it; fill it out; and mail or fax it. If you’re unhappy with the choices or with some other aspect of the chapter, express your feelings on the ballot. We need your feedback to make the chapter, and STC as a whole, better, to better serve you.

Please vote. End of article.

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