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From the Editor: How to be a Better Job Candidate
2013, Q1 (April 02, 2013)
By Christina Eftekhar, Carolina Communiqué Managing Editor

Authoring tool poll results
Authoring tool poll results
Earlier this year I was curious to see what kinds of authoring tools our chapter members are currently using. I had just switched from a Word/FrameMaker environment to DITA publishing and was curious if topic-based writing and structured authoring are becoming more popular. As you can see from the poll results, Word and FrameMaker still dominate our authoring landscape, but XML/DITA has a notable presence.

As anyone who has ever searched for a job knows, having specific tool knowledge can land you the job, and sometimes not knowing it can prevent you from even getting an interview. However, the best managers know that tool knowledge is only part of the equation. This quarter, our volunteer writers offer some great ways to help you stand out as a better candidate that aren't based in knowing specific authoring tools.

  • Priti Thakur charms us with her daughter's precocious writing ability and reminds us to be ever vigilant in honing our most valuable asset—our writing skills.
  • Peggy Harvey offers practical skills for getting known in the community so the jobs come to you instead.
  • Jani Heileman reviews Content Strategy 101, a great first resource if you're looking to take your company's publishing (and your career) to the next level.
  • Holly Fredericksen DeWitt recaps the February meeting about crowdsourcing. If you are a lone writer looking for help or want experience wrangling content from expert users, crowdsourcing may be just the ticket.
  • As President Andrea Wenger points out in her President's Message, volunteering for the chapter is always a great way to network and build your resume.

Christina can be reached at newsletter at stc-carolina dot org. End of article.

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