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From the Editor's Desk
1996, May (March 10, 2008)
by Michael Andrew Uhl

This is the eleventh of twelve issues of the Communique I planned to help produce. I’ve been elected to chapter vice president and from there I will focus on programs and assisting Michelle Nichols in making improvements to this newsletter. I will also assist other chapter leaders in their endeavors and prepare to lead the chapter in the 1997-1998 year.

We’re lucky to get Michelle as our newsletter editor. I doubt that there is anyone in the chapter who is more capable than her. She is an excellent writer; she is creative, intelligent, and ambitious; and above all, she brings enthusiasm and energy to the job.

Michelle will have the wonderful benefit of inheriting the best newsletter staff this chapter has ever had. Kim Spangler has improved the design immensely, especially considering how far she’s taken it from the boxy, boring look I gave it when I started. ;-) John Stuart has reliably been there every month gathering the articles, looking them over, and assisting me in getting the copies in the mail every month. Laura Johnson and Michelle Nichols provided a bounty of quality articles. And, John and I also owe our wives a debt of gratitude. Sharon and Sam had a lot to do with these newsletters arriving at your door on time these past many months. ;-)

Please welcome Michelle and the rest of the newsletter team in the new STC year:
read the Communique and give feedback. End of article.

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