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From the Editor
1996, June (June 18, 2008)
By Michael Andrew Uhl

This is my final issue as editor of the Communique. I will serve the chapter as vice president for the 1996-1997 year.

When I started as newsletter editor a year ago, I set out to publish 12 issues in 12 months. My primary goal was to reestablish the connection between the chapter leadership and its members. I think we’ve done that. Now, Michelle Nichols is going to move things up a couple of notches by improving the look and content of the Communique. She, Kim Spangler, and John Stuart are excited about the momentum we’ve built this year that positions us to move the quality of our chapter’s newsletter into the elite of STC. As chapter vice president, I will work with the newsletter team to publish a newsletter that chapter members will not only look forward to receiving, but will be apt to brag about to non-members. We want the Communique to be a showcase of our skills as the best the technical communication profession has to offer.

I hope you get to meet Michelle Nichols this year; she is, indeed, among the best. We’re lucky to have her as our editor and I hope we show her how much we appreciate her work. Please support the newsletter team by submitting good material for publication. End of article.

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