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From the Editor's Desk: So Long, Farewell, It's Time to Say Goodbye
2010, Q2 (July 11, 2010)
By Meredith Kinder, Carolina Communiqué Managing Editor

Meredith Kinder
Meredith Kinder

The 2009-2010 STC year comes to an end in July. With that, I turn the managing editor position over to Sheila Loring. Sheila has been the production editor for the Communiqué every year that I have been managing editor. In fact, when I took this job in 2005, I said, “I will only do it if Sheila will be my production manager.” She knows the history of the newsletter, understands its purpose and goals, and will bring some fresh ideas and excitement.

It has been my pleasure to work on the newsletter since 2005. As I said in my president’s farewell article in 2002?, “Working with enthusiastic members and dedicated board leaders has been a treat. It has renewed my enthusiasm for technical communication. It has strengthened my friendships with people and created new networking opportunities. And most importantly, it has given me the education I need to be organized, committed, and focused on leadership.” I feel that the same holds true for my experience as managing editor.

I would like to thank everyone for their article contributions over the years. I have enjoyed reading each and every one of them. From Grammar Girl-esque articles by Andrea Wenger to “pith and vinegar” articles by Michael Harvey, I have learned a tremendous amount from you. I am proud to have helped provide this medium through which we can share our knowledge and strengthens our intellect.

With the help of our committed and enthusiastic copyeditor, Christina Eftekhar, and our forward-thinking and always-eager-to-improve webmaster, Rick Sapir, we have made great strides over the years. Although I won’t list every single activity we’re proud of, some of the larger achievements of our team include:
  • In 2005-2006, established and implemented a process for including advertisements in our newsletter to raise funds for the chapter. Created advertising rates, procedures, and policies. Worked with advertisers to receive payment and artwork. Although we no longer have a separate advertisement offering for just the newsletter, we paved the way for establishing advertisements on stc-carolina.org as a whole.
  • In 2008, transitioned the newsletter from PDF format to wiki format.
  • Entered the Society newsletter competition each year except 2009-2010.
    • In the 2004-2005 STC Newsletter Competition, we won an Award of Merit and the Most Improved Newsletter in a chapter of 151-300 members.
    • In the 2005-2006 STC Newsletter Competition, the Carolina Communiqué won an Award of Merit.
    • In the 2008-2009 STC Newsletter Competition, we won an Award of Merit.
  • In the 2008 and 2009 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence, we won an Award of Excellence in the Newsletters: Web & Electronic category.

Thank you for supporting our newsletter over the years. I encourage you to continue to volunteer your time and contribute articles in the 2010-2011 year. And thanks for the great memories.

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. ~Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan, Annie

Meredith can be reached at meredith dot kinder at sas dot com. End of article.

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