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From the Editor's Desk: STC, your career partner
2003, Q1 (July 10, 2007)
By G. David Heath

G. David Heath
Welcome to the First Quarter 2003 edition of Carolina Communiqué. In this edition, Meredith Blackwelder, Carolina Chapter President, describes the details of STC Carolina's new mentoring service. Mentoring has long been practiced in many corporate environments, either informally or within the framework of a formal mentoring program. In most cases, the rewards have generously repaid the investment in time and other resources. What is more, benefits are derived by everyone involved, both "protégés" (or "mentees") who receive the guidance and mentors who donate their time and share theirs skills and experience. STC Carolina's new mentoring service is therefore a welcome addition to the benefits that the chapter provides to its members.

However, it's important to keep in mind that this is only one of the many career-related benefits available to Carolina Chapter members. The Carolina Chapter Job Bank at http://www.stc-carolina.org/jobs/weeklyjobs.shtml lists openings for technical communication professionals in the Triangle area, and a "Résumés" page, also on the newly redesigned Carolina Chapter website (thanks, Kim Flint!), enables members to list themselves and include links to their résumés in the file format of their choice.

At the national level, the "Members Only" section of STC's website at http://www.stc.org includes a jobs database that enables members to search for jobs according to country, state or province, salary range, and either permanent or contract status. It lists jobs throughout the U.S., Canada, and many other countries. Interested in a technical communication position in Singapore, India, the UK, France, or Germany? There were jobs listed at the time of writing.

And now, just as we are going to press — if this expression can be used for a Web-only newsletter — Sheila Loring forwarded news of a new Special Interest Group (SIG) that will focus on job hunting and career development. Tentatively called the "Career Quest SIG," it is currently in the planning phase. Initial program ideas include layoff survival seminars, interviewing workshops, and portfolio development. Later, there will be topics on career development.

No matter what your situation or career goals, STC is your career partner.
You don't have to be an expert to help with the Career Quest SIG. If you want to participate in this enthusiastic group or have questions, please send an e-mail message with "Career Quest" in the subject line to Kathy Swain (kbswain at hotmail dot com). Visit http://www.stc-carolina.org/sigs/careers/ for more information.

Carolina Communiqué welcomes letters to the editor on any topic of interest to technical communicators. End of article.

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