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From the Editor's Desk: Big Shoes to Fill
2003, Q3 (July 10, 2007)
By Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey
Michael Harvey
I have big shoes to fill. For the past two years, David Heath did an outstanding job editing the Carolina Communiqué. We will miss his ability to rework your prose without bruising your ego, his attention to detail, his wit, and his dedication to improving the newsletter’s overall presentation and content. I have David’s phone number, and I expect I’ll be ringing him once or twice during the coming year.

Still, change is good. I’m looking forward to this new challenge. I want to continue to follow David’s vision to make this newsletter a forum for thoughtful commentary, an oasis of reflection in the desert of our daily grind. But I also want to bring new, lighthearted elements into the mix. For example, at the end of this issue, you’ll find a brand new advice column, specially tailored for the technical communicator. Don’t ask Carolyn, ask Viv! And I’ll refer you to a web site such as http://www.darrenbarefoot.com/hall/, which provides some of the most interesting examples of technical writing I’ve seen lately.

I want readers who have never submitted a piece to this newsletter, or any newsletter for that matter, to write something and send it in. This is your chance for a byline! Seize it! It looks good on your resume. If there’s something you know or have done that would be interesting to your colleagues, please share it in an article for the Carolina Communiqué.

In this issue, Meredith’s presidential message is about “episodic volunteering.” We want to make it easier to devote 30 minutes here and 30 minutes there to STC. Naomi Kleid fills us in on some results from this year’s local salary and employment survey. She joins with other members of the survey team to explain how the survey came to be. Anneliese Kellner explains why, based on the results of an impromptu survey, we’ve decided not to hold a local conference this year. Maggie Van Norman, President of the NCSU chapter, thanks us for sponsoring her attendance at the national STC conference, and relates some of what she learned there. Our new Region 2 Director-Sponsor, Vici Koster-Lenhardt, introduces herself and solicits your thoughts about what it means to be a member of STC. Meredith summarizes a presentation at a recent membership meeting about the synergy between human factors and technical communication. Sarah O’Keefe introduces the topics of structured authoring and XML. I offer a primer on developing technical curiosity. And finally, we meet Viv.

What would you like to see in this newsletter? Write me at mtharvey at yahoo dot com, and share your ideas. I’m eager to hear them. I hope you enjoy and benefit from what you read. End of article.

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