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From the Editor's Desk: Another Award-Winning Issue
2011, Q2 (July 22, 2011)
By Sheila Loring, Carolina Communiqué Managing Editor

Sheila Loring
Sheila Loring
Dear readers, as always, writers from around the globe have contributed to this quarter's newsletter, hoping to inspire you to pick up a book, network with other technical communicators, and learn about the latest technologies.

David Dick interviews the author of Clout: the Art and Science of Influential Web Content, who provides insight on information design and usability.

Jamie Gillenwater tells us how the South Carolina Foothills chapter merged with the Carolina chapter to provide more benefits to members.

How does the Web 2.0 generation differ from Web 1.0, and why should you care? Preran Kumar gives us the scoop.

Terry Smith, immediate past president at the time of publication, reminisces about a year of great strides--feedback to improve judging forms for competitions, merging with the South Carolina Foothills chapter, webinars to educate leaders, and more.

Rick Sapir, STC Carolina webmaster and designer of the newsletter web site, introduces you to the MySTC social network, which helps you connect with other technical writing professionals.

Andrea Wenger, incoming chapter president, addresses challenges in our profession and how the chapter can help you master these challenges.

Andrea Wenger also attended the Honors banquet at the STC Summit to accept the chapter Pacesetter award. Read about the latest STC Fellow and Associate Fellow who are members of your chapter.

Lastly, for the fourth year, the Carolina Communiqué won the APEX Award of Excellence in the Newsletters: Web & Electronic category. A HUGE thanks to all STC Carolina newsletter contributors. And every quarter, Rick Sapir (webmaster extraordinaire), Christina Eftekhar (patient copyeditor), and Tim Kornegay (gifted production editor) work behind-the-scenes to produce a well-written, educational, and visually dynamic online newsletter. I feel fortunate to work with you all.

And thank you, readers, for coming back!

Sheila can be reached at newsletter at stc-carolina dot org. End of article.

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