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Free Online Library Available
2004, Q2 (July 05, 2007)
By Angela Eaton

There is a free online library and index of technical communication research articles and resources that you might find useful:


The Eserver TC (Technical Communication) Library indexes over 7,200 public and subscriber-restricted resources about technical communication, representing the work of more than 2,800 authors. It indexes thirty-one years’ worth of writings and works in twenty languages. It has 251 resources in its editing category, and many other categories pertain to editing.

The TC Library was created in 2001 after a group of volunteers determined how difficult it can be to find technical communication resources using traditional databases and web searches. As a member of the library’s editorial board, I invite you to use it and share it with colleagues, co-workers, students, and departments. Feel free to link to it from any page, private, organizational, or commercial.

The TC Library is non-profit, so you won’t see any ads on our site. The development of this library is purely the effort of volunteers.

For sample code to help link to our site, please visit http://tc.eserver.org/link_to_us.html — it includes code for both simple HTML links as well as code for our more advanced interactive DHTML and XML features, if you’d be interested in using those. I hope you’ll find the library useful.

Angela Eaton, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Technical Communication and Rhetoric for the English Department at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. She can be reached at angela dot eaton at ttu dot edu. End of article.

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