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Faculty Advisor's New Year's Message
2006, Q4 (February 07, 2007)
By Sarah Egan Warren, NC State University Student Chapter Faculty Advisor

Sarah Egan Warren
Sarah Egan Warren

Some people love them. Some people hate them. We all get them.

Call them family updates, holiday newsletters, New Year's greetings; whatever their name, our mailboxes are usually full of them in December.

These holiday newsletters come in many different forms and can evoke many different responses. On Steve Tilley's blog you can find a critical grading system to rate the best and the worst. Some newsletters can be painfully long and overly detailed. One California family wrote and published their own 142 page book to send to family and friends (see http://www.lulu.com/static/pr/12_ 08_05.php)! Other newsletters can be quite funny (sometimes unintentionally). Jon Stewart presented a hilarious (and mostly inappropriate) set of fictitious holiday newsletters in his 1998 book, Naked Pictures of Famous People.

Ultimately, most holiday newsletters are welcomed and simply achieve their purpose by catching us up on the accomplishments of our friends and families both near and far.

As the faculty advisor of the NC State University student community of the STC, I want to share my own New Year's "newsletter" about what my students have accomplished. Hopefully it will not be the worst, longest, or most embarrassing New Year's message that you have received!

Dear Carolina Chapter members,
Every year, I have the pleasure of working with a group of student officers from the Masters in Technical Communication program at NC State University. My students work hard to balance already full lives of family, work, and school. On top of that, they willingly take on additional responsibilities as volunteer officers for our student community. And while I can sing the praises of all the officers who I have worked with since 2000, the current officers have really outdone themselves.

Our community is quite small (31 members). However, what we lack in numbers, we make up with enthusiasm for STC and the Masters program. Since June, officers have
  • Participated in leadership day at the annual STC international conference
  • Revised the community constitution and created an online survey to vote on the proposed changes
  • Attended Carolina Community's Vision Day
  • Partnered with the Carolina Community to develop a Mentor Program for students and professionals
  • Revamped the student community website and added crossword puzzles to the newsletters
  • Hosted orientation to welcome and recruit students in the Masters in Technical Communication program
  • Staffed a table at NC State's Student Organization Fair to recruit new members
  • Hosted our first ever Rock Benefit Concert with all proceeds going to the non-profit organization, Source Force
  • Spoke about STC on campus radio in conjunction with advertising for the Benefit concert Organized a panel discussion of alumni to discuss their capstone projects with current students and STC members
  • Hosted a faculty-student roundtable discussion
  • Co-hosted The UnConference
  • Attended Captstone project defenses
  • Hosted the "End of Semester Nerd Fiesta"
  • Planned for an equally successful spring semester

We look forward to this spring and many more events for our student community and hope to continue our partnership with the Carolina Community.

Happy New Year from all of us in the student community at NC State!

Sarah can be reached at sarah at warrensweb dot com. End of article.

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