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1995, August (June 18, 2008)
[In a recent discussion of Repetitive Stress Injuries on the TECHWR-L (Technical Writers) listserver on the Internet, Marilynne Smith posted a practical tip for exercising joints and muscles, thus avoiding repetitive stress injuries. We reprint it below, with Marilynne’s permission. -Eds.]

Elastic bands help ease tension

By Marilynne Smith (m dot smith182 at genie dot geis dot com)
I use elastic bands for avoiding repetitive stress injuries. You can buy elastic bands made specifically for exercising. These bands provide a means for handy isometric exercises that relieve tension. They come in different sizes to meet your individual need.

I try to use them before the pain begins. They’re great for relaxing the neck and upper shoulders. The idea is to hold a band with both hands and pull it apart. It’s not difficult. You don’t have to be an athlete. They fit easily into a desk drawer or briefcase. They work.End of article.

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