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Electronic Psychology
1996, May (June 20, 2007)
by Gene Laskey

There is a need for a new kind of specialist today. In the electronic world, pushbuttons become depressed and other devices become low, disabled, or defeated. Some devices are low at times and high at others (manic depressive?). And some get "lit" quite regularly. Male and female connections are a common problem sometimes solved by the use of Gender Changers (faster and cheaper than sexchange operations!). Connection problems are further compounded by polarization.

Slaves and masters dominate servo (now there’s a word for you!) systems. There are also network devices that are servers, though not by choice. And don’t forget computers, which must contend with parts known as "floppies" (how embarrassing!). And Motherboards and Sister boards are just asking for long-term analysis (can a complex motherboard spawn an Oedipus complex?). Computers can suffer loss of memory and have emulation problems. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence could keep analysts busy for years. "Touch" screens generate other problems.

This all point to the need for a new discipline. Until a better term is coined, I suggest that there is a need for an "Electronics Psychologist." End of article.

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