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Dear Viv: Advice for the Discerning Communicator
2007, Q4 (March 18, 2008)
By Viv, Chapter Member

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Whether it's how to get ahead or get a partner, Viv is there with good advice. Please send your questions to dearviv at stc-carolina dot org.

Dear Viv,

My husband is a hardware writer and I am a software writer. Some days he comes home and talks of nothing but routers, servers, and boxes (oh my!). How do I tell him that I'm not interested in his geek-speak without appearing uninformed about technical advances in the marketplace?

Bored with Hardware

Dear Bored,

Ours is a competitive marketplace. Technical writers must continually keep up with the latest trends in technology, information architecture, and user experience. You might be happy guiding users through a complex database program, but one day you'll crave a challenge. Ennui will consume your very soul as you write for the umpteenth time:

  1. Select the blah blah blah. The blah blah dialog box is displayed.
  2. Do blah. WARNING: Don't do blah blah or your blah will blah blah.

Spice it up, and you'll soon be anything but bored. Make a game of it involving chocolate, wine, or lingerie. He is your husband after all. If you do decide the world of routers and RAM is indeed tragically dull, at least you've attempted to expand your repertoire.

Now go play.


Viv can be reached at dearviv at stc-carolina dot org. End of article.

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