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Dear Viv: Advice for Discerning Technical Communicators (4Q 2008)
2008, Q4 (January 28, 2009)
By Viv, Chapter Member

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Advice for communicators
Dear Viv,

I'm bummed this year because my employer isn't holding a Christmas party. They cite the rough economic times as the reason. I think this decision reflects a lack of consideration for employees who labor all year long, undercompensated for 60 hour + weeks. The least they could do would be to have a catered lunch! How expensive is that?!



Dear Forlorn,

You must understand this decision from an economic point of view. Would you rather lose your job or forgo a Christmas party or catered lunch? I think the latter is preferable, don't you? And how rewarding is a Christmas party anyway? Sure, you'll miss the open bar and chance to party, but is it really enough reward for the long hours you've been putting in? I think not. More vacation or a raise would be a nice reward.

Get real. Christmas has become an excuse for gorging on sweets and cheese spreads in the workplace. Besides, now you won't have to worry about buying that festive holiday attire. Save the glittery dress for a night on the town.


Viv can be reached at dearviv at stc-carolina dot org. End of article.

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