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Couldn’t Attend the Summit? Now You Can "Attend" Anywhere!
2012, Q2 (July 03, 2012)
By Kevin Cuddihy, STC Member

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in the STC notebook on May 24, 2012 and is reprinted here with the author's permission.


The STC Summit just concluded, with attendees choosing from over 80 education sessions in 10 different tracks. They brushed up on old skills and learned new ones. But we realize not everyone could travel to the Summit. Taking time off from work? Getting budget approval from your supervisor? Spending your own hard-earned money to travel? Not everyone could do that, and that goes double for our global members.

That’s why STC is bringing the Summit to you, with SUMMIT@aClick. We realize that it wasn’t possible for everyone to come to Rosemont and experience the Summit in person. So while we can’t bring you the all-important networking that took place at the Summit, we can bring almost all of the sessions directly to your computer. SUMMIT@aClick offers conference sessions with audio synched to PowerPoint and also allows access to speaker materials (when available). The Summit offered dozens of sessions and SUMMIT@aClick will include almost all of them! (See the Summit program for a list of sessions and icons marking which ones were recorded.)
We realize that it wasn’t possible for everyone to come to Rosemont and experience the Summit in person.

Even Summit attendees, who receive SUMMIT@aClick free with registration, couldn’t get to everything they wanted. “I’m going to be referring to SUMMIT@aClick for the next year,” said one previously. “There’s just so much stuff that I didn’t get to see!”

And you can see it all, too! SUMMIT@aClick for the 2012 conference will be live roughly six to eight weeks after the event, but preorder now and get a special discount rate of $149 for members, $299 for nonmembers. That gets you all the recorded sessions and lets you learn from some of the top technical communication minds … all on your computer and on your schedule. Best of all, you can return to these sessions again and again throughout the year. If you need to review DITA in August, SUMMIT@aClick is there. If your department decides to explore XML in November, you can bring up a few sessions to share. And if you’re assigned a new job duty in January, SUMMIT@aClick can help. (Access good through 31 March 2013.)

You must order by 13 July to get this preorder price. After 13 July the price goes up to $249 for members and $499 for nonmembers.

Click here to sign up to take advantage of all the sessions for 2012. To log in and purchase, use your preferred STC email address as your username and your last name as your password. This will verify you as an STC member and allow you to receive member pricing for SUMMIT@aClick.

Bring the Summit back to you with SUMMIT@aClick!

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