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Cindy Pao, Candidate for STC Director in 2015
Cindy Pao is a senior-level technical communicator with experience writing, designing, editing, and producing online help systems, user guides, job aids, safety alerts, release notes, policies, and procedures, and intranet websites.

Cindy has been involved in STC since 2000, when she volunteered to help the Houston chapter. Since then, Cindy has served in almost every leadership role, from President and Co-Manager to Administrative Council member and committee Chair.

Cindy has served as the Chair of the Distinguished Community Service Award committee and a member of the budget review committee.

Cindy has been a member of the Community Affairs Committee for three years: Chapter Outreach team lead; Leadership Resources web page updates; leadership webinars; STC Community Handbook.

Cindy received a Director’s Award in 2005, the Distinguished Chapter Service Award in 2008, and the Distinguished SIG Service Award in 2011. Cindy is an Associate Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication. End of article.

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