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Christopher Ward, Candidate for STC Vice President in 2015
In my rebellious youth, my mother said “Chris, I love you, but I don’t like you.” This taught me a truth. Titles give privilege, as her son she would always love me, but my actions would define me. Ever since then, I have been a man of action. I received my wisdom from my mother, my analytical training from military intelligence, and my expertise in strategy from working with Fortune 30 companies through out my career.

STC has an opportunity that only comes once, to put Technical Communications at the top of business strategy. What we do is valuable and necessary for success. As your Vice President, I will increase the value STC has to offer its members, and increase the organization’s influence on the Technical Communications Industry. I am confident, capable, and I can deliver. I am asking you to take action and elect me as your Vice President. End of article.

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