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Charles Fisher, Candidate for STC Director in 2014
March 07, 2014
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Five Things about Charles Fisher, candidate for STC Director-at-Large

By Charles Fisher, Candidate for STC Director
Charles Fisher
Charles Fisher

1. I have an extensive background in Technical Communication.

I began working as a technical editor before graduating from college, and almost all of my work experience has been as a writer or manager in the software development environment.

2. I've graded a LOT of student papers.

I have been teaching business and technical communication part-time since 1997, which has helped me understand a lot of the theory and research behind effective technical communication.

3. I joined STC because of the networking.

When I joined the STC, I first volunteered to manage the Washington DC Chapter's job hotline. I had recently found a new job because of the chapter's hotline, so as a 'power user,' I had lots of good ideas to make the system better for future job-seekers.

4. STC has provided leadership opportunities for me.

My involvement in the STC Washington DC chapter included working as an executive committee member to manage the chapter's competition, programs, and ultimately serve as president. I also became involved in STC at the society level as a track manager and program manager for annual conferences, a judge for the international publications competition, and working with the group that established certification.

5. I'm running for Director at Large to give back.

I feel that STC has helped me advance in my career and stay abreast of changes in the profession. I'm running for Director so I can make sure the STC continues to grow and serve its members, and the profession, by providing value for all technical communication professionals. Please vote for me to support the continued advancement of our profession!

For more information about me, visit the STC Election website.

Read about all the candidates in our STC 2014 Election Guide. End of article.

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