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Chapter members play active role
2001, July (June 02, 2008)

Carolinians Contribute to 48th STC Annual Conference

Members of the Carolina Chapter were among the presenters of approximately 240 technical sessions at the STC’s 48th Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois, May 13–16, 2001. The conference drew nearly 2,300 technical communicators from all over the world.
  • Gina Caldanaro of IBM Corporation presented a paper titled, “Developing an Effective Online Marketing Plan.” Stressing that her paper was not about return on investment (ROI), but about tactics, she examined key issues such as who should market on the Web; understanding one’s customers; the meaning of a “1:1 relationship” with the customer, infotools, tactics, and offers; and how to work the marketing plan. She emphasized the importance of understanding your customers—their perceptions, the actions that you want them to take, what tactics will work best for them, and whether they are online.
  • Michelle Corbin of Tivoli Systems, Inc., led a workshop for 75 participants titled “Defining an Information Architecture.” She defined an information architecture as a blueprint that determines how you deliver information to your users, and she helped the participants understand the process involved in defining that blueprint. Michelle also led a roundtable discussion titled, “Online Indexing Revealed,” where she discussed two key principles of online indexing—consistency and specificity.
  • Michael Harvey of EMC2 Corporation, in his paper “How We Developed an Intranet: Using the Web To Inform Employees, Manage Projects, and Save Money,” told how he convinced management to allow his organization to develop an Intranet for his R&D organization. Before they started their work, different departments had developed disparate Web sites and standards, and it was hard to find information and know what others were doing. Applying a consistent look-and-feel to new and existing Web sites, Michael’s group built an Intranet that more effectively and efficiently provided departmental and project information.
  • Sarah O'Keefe of Scriptorium Publishing Services presented "Look Before You Leap—Planning Your New Business," which described how to write a business plan. She also offered a demonstration called "Fundamentals of Single Sourcing with FrameMaker and WebWorks Publisher."

For a complete report on the conference and links to the presentation materials, go the STC Web site at http://www.stc.org.

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