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Chapter Members will be Key Contributors at STC's 50th Conference
2003, Q1 (March 04, 2007)
Members of the Carolina Chapter will figure prominently among the session leaders and presenters at STC.s 50th Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas, May 18 - 21.

Sarah S. O.Keefe will lead four sessions and workshops:
  • "Management Challenges in Single Sourcing" In this session, presenters will explore what managers need to know before, during, and after implementation of a single-sourcing environment.
  • "Analyzing Document Structure and Creating Structure Definitions in FrameMaker 7"This workshop will describe how to break down a document, identify structure elements, and then implement these elements in a FrameMaker 7 element definition document (EDD).
  • "Exploring FrameMaker-based Single-Sourcing Workflow Options" This session will explore several workflow options that let you create multiple outputs, such as print, PDF, and online help, using FrameMaker as your print publishing engine.
  • "Structured FrameMaker and XML Round-Tripping" This demonstration will explain the difference between "regular" FrameMaker and structured FrameMaker and explore how to set up templates for structured authoring. It will also provide an overview of how XML import/export works.

Ann-Marie Grissino will lead a session entitled "Developing and Implementing E-Learning" This session will provide online course standards, tips, and tricks.

Ann-Marie Grissino will also speak about "Applying Chinese Principles of Honor and Face in Our Roles as Technical Communicators" during a session entitled "Technical and Professional Communication in China" In this session, 15 technical communicators who visited China in 2002 and met with their Chinese counterparts, including the first meeting of Westerners with the Society of Chinese Technical Communication, will share their experiences.

Frances D. Wirth will moderate and speak in a session entitled "Writing in the 4th Dimension: Creating Content for Interactive Media" The medium is an integral part of the message in interactive delivery systems. This session will examine the multidimensional aspects to be considered and suggest a storyboarding process to facilitate the development of interactive content.

Michelle Corbin will moderate and speak in a session entitled "Managing the Technical Editing Process: Lessons Learned" This is billed as an interactive and fun panel discussion that will present several "lessons learned" about managing technical editing processes. Diane Feldman will also be a speaker in this session.

Diane Feldman will moderate a session entitled "Writing and Editing Progression" This will include offerings on work efficiency, on-the-job training, journal editing, and other topics. In this session, Diane Feldman will speak on "Why Your Pubs Group Needs an Editor" and Michelle Corbin will speak on "Measuring the Quality of Information"

Carla E. Merrill and Diane Feldman will lead a session entitled "Goal-Oriented UI Design" This will describe the steps in a process for a team approach to goal-oriented user interface design, with technical communicators in team leadership roles.

Michael T. Harvey will present a paper entitled "Writing Functional Specifications: Becoming Full Participants in the Development Process" in the session "Managing Project Progression" This progression session will offer a variety of topics that show how to manage projects of all sizes.

Karen L. Mobley will be one of the leaders of the workshop entitled "Prototyping Online Information" This workshop will teach low-fidelity prototyping techniques that are cheap, easy, and relatively fast.

For complete details of all sessions at STC's 50th Annual Conference, go to http://www.stc.org/50thConf/index.asp. End of article.

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