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Carolina Communiqué will change to quarterly, adopt new focus
2001, November (June 05, 2008)
Beginning January 2002, Carolina Communiqué will be published quarterly and will have a new focus. Chapter members who attended the November Leadership Meeting agreed to place more emphasis on thought-provoking articles dealing with all aspects of the technical communication profession, especially those that are relevant to Carolina Chapter members.

The new Carolina Communiqué will no longer include all monthly meeting and workshop announcements, both of which are adequately covered by the STC Carolinas web site and the monthly postcard, but it will continue to report on all aspects of Carolina Chapter business. It will also continue to announce the most important future meetings and conferences.

Do you have something contribute?

The Carolina Communiqué is a forum for Carolina Chapter members on all aspects of the technical communication profession and Carolina Chapter business. Do you want to share your experience? Do you have something to say? Please send your ideas to the editor, David Heath, at: heathd at us dot ibm dot com.

The Carolina Communiqué reserves the right to edit all submissions and to decide what will be published. End of article.

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