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Carolina Chapter Vision Day
1996, April (June 18, 2008)
By Larry Kunz Manager, Chapter Strategic Planning Committee

Mark your calendars: The second annual Carolina Chapter Vision Day is set for Saturday afternoon, June 1, at Blue Jay Point County Park near Falls Lake. All Chapter members are welcome.

Last year’s Vision Day, in the words of one participant, gave the chapter a “zap of energy.” An enthusiastic group had fun together, wrote the Chapter mission statement, and identified some of the building blocks for turning the mission statement into reality.

This year we’ll bring the vision into clearer focus and put the finishing touches on our strategic plan, which is now in draft form. We’ll do lots of brainstorming and exchange some good ideas. The relaxed setting, along with free food, will allow us to generate more of that good energy.

In case you’ve forgotten (shame on you!), our Chapter’s mission is to: Promote the profession of technical communication and the professionalism of its members. Be the information source about technical communication for our members and our community. Set the direction for technical communication in the future.

This mission statement has provided the impetus for many of the new things we’re doing this year, like volunteering at WUNC’s fund-raiser and establishing a Webpage and telephone Hotline.

More details about this year’s Vision Day, including directions to Blue Jay Point, will appear in a subsequent Carolina Communique. In the meantime, if you have comments or suggestions, or if you’d like a copy of the draft strategic plan, contact me at ldkunz at vnet dot ibm dot com.End of article.

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