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Business Cards
1996, January (February 25, 2007)
By Chris Benz

Pop quiz: What's the number for our chapter's new voice-mail system? OK, how about the URL for our Web page? Do you know that we have an official postal address? (No fair peeking at the masthead!)

Don't you wish you had this information conveniently at your fingertips? Have you discovered that shoving this entire newsletter in your back pocket makes for some very uncomfortable sitting? Despair not! Our chapter now has what no enterprising business person would be without: its very own business card!

Whether you need to check the date and location of the next membership meeting, check out job opportunities, or leave a message for a board member, our classy new card gives you all the pointers you need. And the next time you're trying to convince some people to join our chapter (as all good members do on a regular basis, right?), don't write such important information down on soggy napkins; slip them some cards!

So, where can you get some of these amazing, fantastic cards? It's easy: Just check out the registration table at any chapter event or, if you just can't wait that long, contact me directly:

Take as many as you want; we'll make more! End of article.

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