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Book Review: Content Strategy 101
2013, Q1 (April 02, 2013)
Reviewed by Jani Heileman, Volunteer Writer

Content Strategy 101: Transform Technical Content into a Business Asset

By Sarah S. O'Keefe and Alan S. Pringle

Content Strategy 101
Content Strategy 101
We've all visited poorly organized websites that make finding what we need a chore. But have you ever thought your library of documents could use the same kind of organizational help? This is where having a content strategy can make a world of difference. Authors Sarah O'Keefe and Alan Pringle of Scriptorium Publishing brought their research and experience together so that the meaning of "content strategy" can be understood by those who need it most.

Although content strategy is a common discussion within many large technical communication departments, you may be unfamiliar with the term. Content Strategy 101 explains content strategy as a way to deliver correct information effectively and streamline your publishing process while also turning your content into a valuable business asset. It also explains how to control the cost of content while still meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

Content Strategy 101 comprises three major parts: Business goals, Developing a technical content strategy, and Implementing your content strategy.

Business Goals—This section covers ways to handle legal requirements, including warnings, cautions, trademarks, specific formats for delivering information.

Developing a technical content strategy—This section discusses what should be analyzed before designing and implementing a technical content strategy. While this analysis may seem like an endless amount of questions about your current processes, it will make for a smoother plan that everyone can follow. For those who enjoy seeing proven results, there is a section of case studies of companies who successfully implemented a content strategy.

Implementing your content strategy—This section covers the steps needed to present a new content strategy to upper management so they can understand the benefits of and champion improving your systems and processes.

After reading this book, I—having very little knowledge about content strategy before reading this book—believe all technical communicators should have a copy of this to adorn their library. I recommend Content Strategy 101 for being humorous yet informative while bringing to life the early stages of developing a beneficial content strategy.

Jani Heileman can be reached at christbusi at gmail dot com. End of article.

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