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Beyond Software
1996, Nov-Dec (June 19, 2007)
by Julie Davis

This issue we highlight Linda Rudd, who works in the science field as a Research Technician at NCSU in the Microbiology Department.

Linda has done a lot of editing for scholarly publications, such as the Journal of Consumer Affairs and the Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics.

When she started at one job, they didn't have a style manual, so she had to create one, basing her work on standards used in past journals. She received articles that had been peer reviewed by others in the field, edited the articles for stylistic conformity, and handled correspondence with the printer, writers, and reviewers.

Linda recently finished researching a book on microbiology. She spent a lot of time in the library, gathering quotes, information on historical figures, and maps (imagine trying to find a map of the Black Plague). She corresponded with sources the author wanted to quote, critiqued initial chapters, and proofed the galleys. Her background microbiology helped her detect errors in scientific nomenclature.

Linda notes it's difficult to find full-time positions as a science writer in RTP. She currently works as a microbiologist, which involves more lab work than writing. She recently collaborated on a paper with four other writers. Linda not only wrote up her own work but also pulled the document together so ìit sounded as if one person written itî and spent about a month rewriting the paper after it was peer reviewed. The paper will appear in the Journal of Bioremediation. End of article.

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