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Carolina Chapter August & September Social Recaps
2015, Q4 (September 14, 2015)
We had two very different and entertaining social events in August and September. Thankfully, we have Emily Toone, to tell the tale of game night at her house, and Ben Davidson, who may have finally learned to speak baseball, sharing their experiences at these socials.

August Social Recap

By Emily Toone

With Scrabble dictionaries in hand, they came ready to rumble. Tech comm trash talk filled the air (as well as the great smell of Em’s homemade chili). Just who were the Rumblers at the Carolina Chapter’s 1st annual Game Night?
    • Bryce “Ace” Arghiere
    • Ben “I want my own plate of cookies” Davidson
    • Christina “Read ‘em and Weep” Mayr
    • Stuart “Triple Word Score” Allen
    • Robert “Italy-bound” Perry
    • Cathy “Toxicology” Sprankle
    • Ted “Silent but Deadly” Avery
    • Tom “Scout Master” Burns

Nourished by chili (did I mention it was homemade with loving care and tenderness?) the Rumblers shouldered their dictionaries and took their seats. Tension mounted. Sweat beaded. Snarls were heard. Cookie crumbs like snowflakes. Always the calming influence, Emily quietly moved from table to table muttering kind, peacekeeping phrases like, “Ben, I thought you said you were good at this,” or “Robert, you really suck at this.” Finally, as the first game came to end, the proof was in. Ben “I want my own plate of cookies” Davidson really wasn’t very good at Scrabble, and while Robert is, in fact, cute as a pug’s tail, his mind was truly already in Italy.

And the winner? Triple Word Score Allen beat the snot out of everybody else! As she stood proudly on the winner’s stage and graciously accepted her awards (a Duke Blue Devils’ baseball cap yanked from Emily’s closet and a lovely glass jar of TPS emblazoned M&Ms) she was heard to whisper, “I’d like to thank my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Peachbottom.”

What pearls of wisdom did we glean from our 1st annual Carolina Chapter Game Night? Ace Arghiere doesn’t eat meat, but will eat an apple. Scrabble dictionaries really are used. Scout Master Burns’ jeep’s turning radius is worthless. And most importantly, Tech Comm folks are a darn fun group of people, especially if there’s wine, chili, and a rousing board game!

September Social Recap

By Ben Davidson

In honor of the STC and AMWA (American Medical Writers Association) recent social event at the Durham Bulls game, I bring you:

Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should See At Least One Durham Bulls Game with the STC:

10. The chance to drink beer with trained communication professionals. Don’t try this at home.

9. The opportunity to have your photo taken with the STC/Durham Bulls cross-marketing mascot: a bull holding a laptop.

8. The strong possibility that Lindsay Saunders will get arrested trying to tackle one of the players on the field.

7. The opportunity to see Christina Mayr’s tweets on the big screen. That sounded completely inappropriate, didn’t it?

6. The chance to stage an impromptu intervention for Lindsay Saunders, to help her with her severe Yelping addiction. She will of course review said intervention, and this blog entry. Lindsay, was the font choice to your liking? Were the double entendres properly prepared?

5. The opportunity to see Bryce Arghiere finally cut loose. We’re still reeling in disbelief. The entire section of bleachers is probably going to need replacing.

4. The distinct possibility that an STC member will get pegged in the noggin by a stray ball. Put on your titanium editor’s cap!

3. The free food and beer that the STC foots the bill for. Followed by the limo ride. I’m totally serious.

2. That graceful alliterative wave that STC members do after especially exciting plays.

…and the number one reason to see a Durham Bulls game with the STC:

1. DITA!

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Emily Toone can be reached at emilytoone at t-p-s dot com. End of article. Ben Davidson can be reached at benddavidson99 at gmail dot com . End of article.

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