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An open letter to STC members
2000, July (March 04, 2007)

An open letter to STC members

Contributed by Mark Hanigan
President, Society for Technical Communication

Hello, and Happy STC New Year! We are just coming off of another very successful STC Annual Conference, this 47th edition having taken place in Orlando! If you were there, you would have to agree that it was the best yet in terms of the number and variety of sessions. Also, from my vantage, it appeared that everyone enjoyed all the conference activities from our keynote Thomas Koulopoulos through our sidesplitting closing speaker Bill Herz!

If you were not at this year's 47th annual conference, it is not too soon to start planning to attend next year's edition, which will be in Chicago on May 13-16, 2001. Like nothing else, the STC annual conference provides us with the setting to celebrate our profession, renew and make new professional acquaintances, and expand our technical and professional knowledge.

For me, STC's 47th Annual Conference was most special in that I begin my one-year term at the "STC helm," a privilege for which I am most appreciative. And now that the conference is over, I look forward to getting to work on this year's agenda. And along these lines, I would like to introduce you to this year's elected STC board of directors:
Mary Wise, Washington DC Chapter .....Immediate Past President

Judy Glick-Smith, Lone Star Chapter .....First Vice President

Ed See, Mid-Hudson Chapter .....Second Vice President

Jean Gabriel, Orange County Chapter .....Secretary

Martha Collins, Suncoast Chapter .....Treasurer

Kitty Aughey, Rochester Chapter .....Director-Sponsor Region 1

Chris Benz, Carolina Chapter .....Director-Sponsor Region 2

Rob Houser, Atlanta Chapter .....Director-Sponsor Region 3

Thea Teich, Southwestern Ohio Chapter .....Director-Sponsor Region 4

Suzanna Laurent, Oklahoma Chapter .....Director-Sponsor Region 5

Susan Jensen, Twin Cities Chapter .....Director-Sponsor Region 6

Ellen Fenwick, Snake River Chapter .....Director-Sponsor Region 7

Andrea Ames, Silicon Valley Chapter .....Director-Sponsor Region 8

In addition to the elected members, this year's STC board of directors includes seven assistants to the president, or APs for short. These individuals participate in the board meetings and also manage a subset of the Society-level committees. This year's APs are:
Sandi Harner, Cedarville Coll. Student Chapter .....Academic and Research Programs

Lory Hawkes, Lone Star Chapter .....Communications

Michelle Ratcliffe, Suncoast Chapter .....Competitions

Deb Sauer, Boston Chapter .....Conferences

Laura Ramsey, Puget Sound Chapter .....External Relations

Carolyn Watt, Toronto Chapter .....Professional Development

Ray Urgo .....Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

All of us are going to be very busy over the summer, helping to advance this year's objectives, and, of course, preparing for the fall 2000 meeting of the STC board. This year, the fall board meeting is to be held on September 14-17, 2000 in Winnipeg, MB, hosted by the Manitoba Chapter. With the exception of an executive session, all STC board of director meetings are open to all members. So, if you are in the area, please stop by. (Location details will be forthcoming!)

The theme of the 2000-2001 STC year is Providing Value. Needless to say, all of the efforts to make our organization successful takes the efforts of literally hundreds of individualsindividuals just like you! If there is an area of STC at the Society level that is of interest to you, let me or another member of the board know. Or, e-mail me: onwritetrk at aol dot com. End

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