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Always Be Curious
2014, Q3 (May 28, 2014)
By Sheila Loring, Chapter President
Republished from sheilaloring.com with the author's permission.

I had an interesting (I dare say "fascinating") discussion with two writers, Greg and Stephanie, about the value of summer interns and tips for working with them. Stephanie is in the masters in tech comm program at NCSU and works with Greg on his web site.

Summer interns can be cheap labor, sure. Sometimes they're stuck with unglamorous tasks, such as taking dozens of screenshots or categorizing wiki pages.

But they have different skill sets and perspectives that we older folks (the 30 and over crowd) can adopt. For example, Stephanie bends WordPress to her will and is building her resume. Greg will have a fabulous web site, he'll know WordPress like the back of his hand, and he's learned a lot about search engine optimization (SEO).
image by Krzysztof Szkurlatowski

A B C. "Always be closing," as Alec Baldwin's character repeated in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross.


A B C. "Always be curious."

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