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A Meeting of the Minds: STC Carolina and STC SC Foothills Merger
2011, Q2 (June 25, 2013)
By Jamie Gillenwater, Chapter Secretary

Jamie Gillenwater
Jamie Gillenwater
When I first joined STC, I was eager to find a group of professionals with whom I could connect. I wanted to hear common struggles and opportunities for improvements.

Unfortunately, the STC SC Foothills chapter had been struggling for years. We had reached a difficult point: we didn’t have enough members to attract excellent speakers, but without excellent speakers, it was difficult to attract new members.

Our members were located in Clemson, Greenwood, Asheville, Greenville, and other towns. For us to meet in a central location, many of us had to drive over an hour. Past leadership did not have the time to commit to another year of service due to other responsibilities with work, home, school, and STC.

After researching ways to increase participation, I decided a merger might be more beneficial for our members. I polled the membership to hear their thoughts. With positive feedback, I contacted the Carolina chapter.

Terry Smith and the administrative council were supportive. We discussed how SC Foothills members could help the Carolina chapter; we discussed how Carolina could support our bi-annual Clemson scholarship and two networking meetings in the Foothills area each year.

In January, we contacted the STC office. Steve Skojec, Director of Community Relations, quickly responded to our questions and presented our letter requesting a merger to the STC Board. The board approved the merger in the April 2011 meeting.

With board approval, we transferred all of the SC Foothills funds to Carolina, filed our taxes and closed the EIN, and sent an announcement to members of both chapters.

If your chapter is interested in merging with another chapter, contact Steve Skojec for direction and follow these steps:
  • Poll members of both chapters to gauge interest in a merger. The members of each chapter should vote on whether or not to merge.
  • If a vote carries that the chapters should merge, the admin councils (or parties leading the effort, in the absence of elected officers) should write a letter to STC, to Steve Skojec's attention, indicating a desire to merge. The new chapter may keep the name of one of the previous chapters or choose a new name.
  • Steve Skojec will forward the letter expressing the intent to merge to the Community Affairs Committee to present to the STC Board of Directors for their vote.
  • One chapter will close its bank account and remit any remaining funds to STC. Any outstanding funds owed to STC by the chapter will be deducted from proceeds and the remainder will be allocated to the newly merged chapter.
  • Send a copy of the final bank statement to STC for their records.
  • File the 990-N for the closing chapter with the IRS at the end of the year. Indicate on the form that the chapter is no longer going to do business under that tax ID number.

Jamie can be reached at jamie_gillenwater at yahoo dot com. End of article.
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