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5th Grade Grammar: Take the Quiz!
2012, Q3 (October 03, 2012)
by Christina Eftekhar, Newsletter Editor


If you think your grammar skills are top notch, take this 5th grade grammar quiz to find out!

Identify the direct object in the following sentence:
John played basketball in his backyard with Joyce and Timothy.
a. backyard
b. basketball
c. John
d. played

Identify indirect object in the following sentence:
The grandfather told the children old folktales.
a. grandfather
b. the children
c. folktales
d. told

Find the adjective(s) in the following sentence:
The surface of the moon is covered with mountainous highlands and smooth plains and thousands of craters.
a. surface, moon
b. mountainous, smooth, thousands
c. covered, smooth, moon
d. surface

Find the direct object pronoun in the following sentence:
Dad bought six chocolates candies. He gave them to Josh and Lilia.
a. dad
b. he
c. them
d. candies

Find the helping verb in the following sentence:
Polly should win the contest.
a. Polly
b. should
c. win
d. contest

Which option shows the simple past and past participle form of "go"?
a. goed, went
b. go, went
c. went, gone
d. goes, wen

Fill in the correct relative pronoun:

__ do you love?
a. Who
b. Whose
c. Which
d. Whom

She’s the woman ___ husband works for IBM.
a. who
b. whose
c. which
d. whom

Fill in the blank with the appropriate word.

Please __ our invitation to attend the wedding.
a. excel
b. except
c. excuse
d. accept

Everybody __ Tanya and Joseph, was late for the meeting.
a. accept
b. alright
c. except
d. already

Answers: b, c, b, c, b, c, d, b, d, c

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