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2012 Judging Day: Another Successful Competition
2012, Q4 (December 23, 2012)
By Bill Bryan, Newsletter Copyeditor

On a beautiful fall morning in November, a sizable group of STC volunteers gathered on the SAS campus in Cary for the 2012 Judging Day, an annual event for evaluating and critiquing entries from businesses in the area. Judge leaders were:
  • Competition manager: Betsy Kent
  • Judge Manager: Sheila Loring
  • Judge Trainer: Jennifer Raisig
About 30 volunteers participated in the judging this year, donating an entire Saturday for this important service to the chapter. Jennifer Raisig began by giving the group a detailed presentation onhow to judge the entries, with emphasis on fairness, completeness, and accuracy. The other judge leaders pitched in with comments and advice from experience in past judging events. The volunteers were also given instructions on how to complete each entry evaluation form.

The entries were organized into small groups, with each numbered group consisting of three or four entries. The judges then formed small teams and chose which group of entries to consider.

Teams selecting entries to judge
Teams selecting entries to judge

The teams had plenty of work to do; they spent the morning and afternoon reading, analyzing, and discussing the merits of each entry. Some entries were quite large; others were only a page or two. "Most teams judged only two entries, giving them plenty of time to finish their evaluations by the end of the day," said Sheila Loring.

The discussions were spirited, professional, and cooperative. The volunteers were very impressed by the quality of this year's entries, and each entry was given the time and attention it deserved. In addition to completing a detailed judging form for each entry, the teams discussed whether any particular submission might qualify for top awards.

{img src="img/wiki_up/judging1.png" align="center" desc="Judges in the auditorium" alt="Judges in the auditorium}

Some teams worked in the small classroom-style auditorium, while others moved into the spacious and comfortable cafeteria. The volunteers worked diligently all day and into the late afternoon. All the teams seemed to enjoy working together, and all the teams completed their evaluations by the end of the day. All in all, it was a very pleasant and successful event.

Teams working together in the cafeteria
Teams working together in the cafeteria

Thanks to all the volunteers for their time and effort. If you haven't participated in Judging Day yet, please consider doing so next year; it's a worthwhile activity!

Bill can be reached at wlbryan at wlbryan dot net. End of article.

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