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1997 Carolina Chapter Salary Survey
1997, Jan-Feb (June 11, 2008)
By Michael Harvey

The Carolina Chapter of the STC is again surveying its members to find out who they are, what they do, and for whom they work. The first survey, finished in 1995, told us a lot about ourselves.

We found that experience and, to a lesser extent, education, predicted a writer's salary. But whether a writer was contract or permanent, male or female, or old or young, made no difference in terms of salary. We also learned whether we felt overworked or under-trained. We found out about the tools we use, and whether we use them to write new or revise existing material.

For survey details, please visit the following World Wide Web site:

We'd like to poll members again, and compare the new data we collect to the old. What, if anything, has changed? What trends can we discern from the changes we find?

Please complete the enclosed survey, using additional sheets of paper if needed. Using the pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope provided, mail your survey by February 14, 1997. We'll compile the results and report findings in a later issue of this newsletter. End of article.

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